The deadlines for submission of completed grant proposals are: October 15, December 15, and February 15.

The Grants Committee reviews the proposals and asks that the applicant make a 5-minute presentation to the Grants Committee at the review meeting.  The Committee’s recommendations are then presented to the full EFK Board of Directors at the next meeting following the deadline date. 

Following review by the EFK Grants Committee and action taken by the EFK Board of Directors, the applicant will be notified whether or not the grant is approved.  You will also receive information on how to access your grant funds.

All grants must 100% directly benefit students living within the boundaries of Kenosha Unified School District No. 1 and correlate with the purposes of the Foundation.  It is intended that these grants be on a one-time basis and considered as seed money to start a new program not already in existence.  It is not intended that grants be construed to be a commitment to ongoing funding from the EFK.  The use of EFK grants for salaries, payments for continuing services, transportation and/or food is prohibited.  Grant applications submitted for projects or programs which request funding for curriculum materials or technology equipment are not as favorably considered. 

Upon completion of the project, grant recipients should send a report to the Foundation describing results and summarizing the utilization of funds.  Grantees may be requested to make a presentation to the Board of Directors regarding the outcome of the awarded grant.   

Grants shall be used solely for the purpose and during the time period described in the grant proposal.  Any deviation must be approved by further application to the Foundation. 

Please refer to Article II - Purposes of Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation for additional information.

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